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NIFDI Implementation Managers Tamara Bressi and Randi Saulter lead these informative sessions featuring best practices that have been developed and refined in schools across the country. 

Participants will gain:

  • Delivery techniques for real-time, remote instruction of small groups
  • Strategies for checking mastery
  • Helpful techniques for keeping students engaged
  • Information on format and response alterations to accommodate distance learning
  • Considerations for telephone, pre-recorded, and other forms of instruction

Decoding A format types to be addressed

Word-attack skills:
  • Sound identification
  • Pronunciation – phonemic awareness
  • Say the sounds
  • Word reading      
Workbook exercises:
  • Sound dictation
  • Word reading
  • Word completion
  • Sentence & story reading

Individual reading checkouts
Mastery Tests

Purchase the pre-recorded Decoding A webinar here.

Decoding Level B1 & B2 format types to be addressed

Word-attack skills:
  • Word reading
Group reading:
  • Story-reading procedures
  • Oral comprehension questions
Workbook exercises:
  • Comprehension workbook exercises
  • Word-attack workbook exercises

Oral fluency checkouts
Mastery Tests 

Decoding Level C format types to be addressed

Word-attack skills:
  • Sound combinations
  • Buildups
  • Multipart words
  • Affixes
  • Vocabulary
  • Selection-reading procedures
  • Oral comprehension questions
Fluency assessment:
  • Checkout procedures
  • Fifth-lesson reading checkouts

 Purchase the pre-recorded Decoding B1, B2 and C webinar here.

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