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What science and social studies topics does Reading Mastery cover?

Schools using Reading Mastery (Rainbow Edition) will find SRA's book, Science and Social Studies in Reading Mastery, a useful tool in identifying which science and social studies content are covered in each level of the program. The topics, organized by subject area, are also listed with the lesson the content was originally presented in. You can find this resource by visiting our Links page or on McGraw-Hill's website. Once there, click on "Learn More" and then on "Resources for Users". The document is divided up by levels for easy retrieval by teachers.

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NIFDI Research Department Evaluates Impressive Academic Gains in NE Nebraska

Students at Schuyler Elementary, a school in Eastern Nebraska with a large Hispanic population, have demonstrated incredible improvements in academic achievement over the past few years. In 2009-10, less than half (44%) of Schuyler’s third graders met the state standards as measured by the Nebraska State Assessment (NeSA), and only three students exceeded the state standards. Last year, 2010-11, 67%, of Schuyler’s third graders achieved passing scores, with eight percent of the students exceeding the state standards.

  • How does Schuyler compare to the rest of the state?
  • How well did Hispanic students score?
  • How has Schuyler achieved such positive results?
  • What are administrators saying about the results?

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Reading Mastery Signature Edition Alignment with the Common Core State Standards

You can now view/download a PDF that outlines Reading Mastery Signature Edition's correlation with the Common Core State Standards.

You can view this document in 3 easy steps! Here's how:

  1. Visit McGraw-Hill's site.
  2. Click on the "Learn More" button on the right hand side of the page.
  3. Select "Correlations" from the list that pops up. The list of grade levels will pop up where you can select the grade level of interest.

For additional information, see Reading Mastery Aligns with Common Core State Standards.

Clear Teaching - A book on Direct Instruction and our very own Zig!

   Shep Barbash has just completed a book about Direct Instruction and DI's creator, our    
   very own Siegfried "Zig" Engelmann. The book, commissioned by Education
   Consumers, is call Clear Teaching. It includes several handy resources, such as a list of
   trainers. Check it out!

   Click here to read more: Clear Teaching

   For a free downloadable Study Guide: Click Here
   To download a Facilitator's Guide for Studying Clear Teaching: Click Here

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