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pdf DI News, Vol. 1, No. 1 - Fall 1981 Popular

DI News, Vol. 1, No. 1 - Fall 1981
  • The Birth of a New Voice for Excellence in Education
  • Direct Instruction After Follow Through -- Is There Life After Death?
  • Bylaws of the Association for Direct Instruction
  • Does the IQ Tell You Who Can Learn More?
  • Direct Instruction in Kalamazoo -- A History
  • Evaluating Math Programs
  • Getting DI Going
  • JDRP Validates Nine DI Projects
  • How To Use Peer Tutors
  • The Roles of Principals in Educational Change
  • Field-Oriented Ph.D. Program in Special Education at the University of Oregon
  • Large City Implementation Study
  • Dissent: Direct Instruction Under Attack
  • From the Children of the Ann Sullivan Center - La Punta, Peru
  • Direct Instruction Reading Research
  • Book Reviews - Making Schools Work/Why Johnny Still Can't Read
  • Maintaining the Scientific Spirit in Direct Instruction: A Comment and a Case Study
  • Academic Games to Reinforce Academic Skills
  • Minutes of the First Annual Meeting of the Association for Direct Instruction

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