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# Title Authors Year Research areas
Results 376 - 400 of 402
376 The effects of structured instruction on kindergarten pupils: Final report Singer, B. 1973 Project Follow Through
377 Comparative effectiveness of four methods of instruction on the achievement of children with specific learning disabilities Serwer, B. L.; Shapiro, B. J.; Shapiro, P. P. 1973 Project Follow Through
378 An evaluation of the DISTAR Language I Program at Seymour Elementary School Moodie, A. G. 1973 Project Follow Through
379 An evaluation of ESEA Title I Programs, Community School District 15 Kastner, S.; Hollingshead, M. 1973 Project Follow Through
380 The effect of the DISTAR instructional system: An evaluation of the 1971-1972 Title I program of Winthrop, Massachusetts (Report No. PS006218) Kaufman, M. 1972 Project Follow Through
381 Evaluation of DISTAR programs in learning assistance classes of Vancouver, 1971-72 Moodie, A. G.; Hoen, R. 1972 Project Follow Through
382 An evaluation of a pilot program in reading for culturally disadvantaged first grade students Bowers, W. 1972 Project Follow Through
383 Analysis of an early childhood learning program in Granite School District, Salt Lake City, Utah Leiter, W. H. 1971 Project Follow Through
384 Evaluation of DISTAR materials in three junior learning assistance classes Guinet, L. 1971 Project Follow Through
385 An evaluative study: Teaching three and four-year olds in a structured education program Anderson, B. E. 1971 Project Follow Through
386 DISTAR reading: Research and experiment F., Williamson 1970 Project Follow Through
387 The effectiveness of Direct Instruction on IQ performance and achievement in reading and arithmetic Engelmann, S. 1970 Project Follow Through
388 A Token Reinforcement Program in a Public School: A Replication and Systematic Analysis O'Leary, K.; Becker, W.; Evans, M.; Saudargas, R. 1969 Project Follow Through
389 A study of the effects of teacher attitude and curriculum structure on preschool disadvantaged children Erickson, E.; Bonnell, J.; Hofmann, L.; McMillan, J. 1968 Project Follow Through
390 Production and Elimination of Disruptive Classroom Behavior by Systematically Varying Teacher’s Behavior Thomas, D.; Becker, W.; Armstrong, M. 1968 Project Follow Through
391 Rules, Praise, and Ignoring: Elements of Elementary Classroom Control Madsen, C.; Becker, W.; Thomas, D. 1968 Project Follow Through
392 Cognitive structures related to the principle of conservation Engelmann, S. 1967 Project Follow Through
393 The research base and validation of SRA’s Corrective Reading program Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R.; Przychodzin-Havis, A. 0 Project Follow Through
394 Tallahassee School Achieves AYP for First Time SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through
395 Nebraska District Outscores Peers Statewide SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through
396 Reading Mastery Helps Wisconsin School Win Blue Ribbon Award SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through
397 Tulsa Students Score Record Highs in Reading SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through
398 Success begins early at Alaskan elementary school SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through
399 Park Forest-Chicago Heights School District 163 SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through
400 Lebanon School District, Lebanon Pennsylvania SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through

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