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# Title Authors Year Research areas
Results 326 - 350 of 402
326 Approaches to solving math problems Darch, C. 1982 Project Follow Through
327 The singer or the song Branwhite, A. 1982 Project Follow Through
328 Using DISTAR Language in a unit for children with language disorders Gregory, P.; Richards, C.; Hadley, M. 1982 Project Follow Through
329 An Evaluation of Four Reading Programs in an Urban Community--Cureton Action Reading, Distar, Lippincott Basic Reading, and MacMillan Series R McGlotten, E. S. 1982 Project Follow Through
330 A comparison of three prereading approaches for kindergarten students Rawl, R. K.; S., O'Tuel F. 1982 Project Follow Through
331 Teaching the general case to moderately retarded children: Evaluation of a five year project Gersten, R.; Maggs, A. 1982 Project Follow Through
332 A follow-up of Follow Through: The later effects of the Direct Instruction model on children in fifth and sixth grades Becker, W.; Gersten, R. 1982 Project Follow Through
333 DI outcomes with middle-class second graders Engelmann, S.; Carnine, D. 1982 Project Follow Through
334 Measuring Implementation of a Structured Educational Model in an Urban School District: An Observational Approach Gersten, R.; Carnine, D.; Williams, P. 1982 Project Follow Through
335 Using DISTAR Language in a unit for children with language disorders Gregory, P.; Richards, C.; Hadley, M. 1982 Project Follow Through
336 Corrective Reading Programme: An evaluation Gregory, R.; Hackney, C.; Gregory, N. 1982 Project Follow Through
337 Accelerating spelling skills using morphographs Maggs, A.; McMillan, K.; Patching, W.; Hawke, H. 1981 Project Follow Through
338 Direct teaching for learning disabilities Lloyd, J.; Epstein, M.; Cullinan, D. 1981 Project Follow Through
339 The DISTAR Reading program in junior opportunity classes: Phase IV - positive results after three full years of inclusion Isaacs, L.; Stennett, R. G. 1980 Project Follow Through
340 Direct Instruction: Effects on Oral and Written Language Comprehension Lloyd, J.; Cullinan, D.; Heins, E.; Epstein, M. 1980 Project Follow Through
341 Beginning reading instruction for children with minimal brain dysfunction Stein, C.; Goldman, J. 1980 Project Follow Through
342 Phonic versus whole-word correction procedures following phonic instruction Carnine, D. 1980 Project Follow Through
343 Direct Instruction: An effective approach to educational intervention with the disadvantaged and low performers Becker, W.; Carnine, D. 1980 Project Follow Through
344 Teaching low performers in upper-primary and lower-secondary to read by direct instruction methods Maggs, A.; Murdoch, R. 1979 Project Follow Through
345 Accelerating the development of down’s syndrome infants and young children Clunies-Ross, G. 1979 Project Follow Through
346 Making Retarded Children Literate: A Five Year Study Booth, A.; Hewitt, D.; Jenkins, W.; Maggs, A. 1979 Project Follow Through
347 Analysis of achievement data on six cohorts of low-income children from 20 school districts in the University of Oregon Direct Instruction Follow Through model Becker, W.; Engelmann, S. 1978 Project Follow Through
348 Payment for Reading: The Use of the Corrective Reading Scheme with Junior Maladjusted Boys Thorne, M. 1978 Project Follow Through
349 Findings from the Follow Through planned variation study Kennedy, M. 1978 Project Follow Through
350 Education as Experimentation: A Planned Variation Model: Effects of Follow Through Models. Volume IV-C: Appendices, Part I and Part II Bock, G.; Stebbins, L.; Proper, E. 1977 Project Follow Through

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