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# Title Authors Year Research areas
Results 276 - 300 of 402
276 Chapter 1 clinical and guidance program 1985-1986: OEA evaluation report Guerrero, F.; Walker, S.; Langlois, C. 1987 Project Follow Through
277 Changing reading programs: North Thurston’s gradual move toward Reading Mastery Woodward, J. 1987 Project Follow Through
278 Preschool for the disadvantaged: DISTAR Language I tested in South Africa Muthukrishna, A.; Naidoo, K. 1987 Project Follow Through
279 Research on the Efficiency of Low-Cost Networking Moore, L.; Carnine, D.; Stepnoski, M. 1987 Project Follow Through
280 Corrective Reading evaluation study Kasendorf, S. J.; McQuaid, P. 1987 Project Follow Through
281 Teaching LD Students Critical Reading Skills: A Systematic Replication Darch, C.; Kameenui, E. 1987 Project Follow Through
282 Evaluation of the Williamsburg County Direct Instruction Program: Factors Leading to Success in Rural Elementary Programs Darch, C.; Gersten, R.; Taylor, R. 1987 Project Follow Through
283 Using DI in a Victoria, B. C. Resource Room Chamberlain, L. A. 1987 Project Follow Through
284 Direct Instruction Research: The Third Decade Gersten, R.; Carnine, D.; Woodward, J. 1987 Project Follow Through
285 DISTAR and CTBS results Sills, S. 1986 Project Follow Through
286 Is DI only for low achievers? Schaefer, E. 1986 Project Follow Through
287 Videodisc instruction: Teaching fractions to learning handicapped and remedial students Kelly, B.; Carnine, D.; Gersten, R.; Grossen, B. 1986 Project Follow Through
288 An evaluation of the Mastering Fractions level-one videodisc program Hasselbring, T.; Sherwood, B.; Bransford, J. 1986 Project Follow Through
289 First year report on a jr. high LD class Arthur, C. 1986 Project Follow Through
290 The use of Corrective Reading (SRA) with mildly handicapped students Polloway, E.; Epstein, M. 1986 Project Follow Through
291 The Effectiveness of Videodisc Instruction in Teaching Fractions to Learning-Disabled and Remedial High School Students Kelly, B.; Carnine, D.; Gersten, R.; Grossen, B. 1986 Project Follow Through
292 Corrective Reading Program: An Analysis of Effectiveness with Learning Disabled and Mentally Retarded Students Polloway, E.; Epstein, M.; Polloway, C.; Patton, J.; Ball, D. 1986 Project Follow Through
293 Two approaches to the development phase of mathematics instruction Kameenui, E.; Carnine, D.; Darch, C.; Stein, M. 1986 Project Follow Through
294 A multifaceted study of change in seven inner-city schools Gersten, R.; Carnine, D.; Zoref, L.; Cronin, D. 1986 Project Follow Through
295 Direct language instruction and interactive language instruction with language delayed preschool children: A comparison study Cole, K.; Dale, P. 1986 Project Follow Through
296 Teaching English as a second language with DI Glumelli, K.; Moore, J. 1985 Project Follow Through
297 Longitudinal follow-up assessment of differential preschool experience for low income minority group children Evans, E. D. 1985 Project Follow Through
298 Corrective Reading tested in U.K.: An Exciting year with Direct Instruction Holdsworth, P. 1985 Project Follow Through
299 The effects of using the Reading Mastery Direct Instruction program with average and above-average kindergarteners: A pilot study Johnson, S. 1985 Project Follow Through
300 Structured Immersion for Language Minority Students: Results of a Longitudinal Evaluation Gersten, R. 1985 Project Follow Through

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