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# Title Authors Year Research areas
Results 251 - 275 of 402
251 Diagramming a Logic Strategy: Effects on Difficult Problem Types and Transfer Grossen, B.; Carnine, D. 1990 Project Follow Through
252 Effectiveness of Visual Imagery Versus Rule-based Strategies in Teaching Spelling to Learning Disabled Students Darch, C.; Simpson, R. 1990 Project Follow Through
253 Teaching absolute pitch Williams, P.; Engelmann, S. 1989 Project Follow Through
254 Corrective Reading: An effective method for teaching severely learning disabled elementary students Worner, L. J. 1989 Project Follow Through
255 Two Approaches to Vocabulary Instruction: The Teaching of Individual Word Meanings and Practice in Deriving Word Meaning from Context Jenkins, J.; Matlock, B.; Slocum, T. 1989 Project Follow Through
256 Using Corrective Reading with adults Herr, C. M. 1989 Project Follow Through
257 Teaching Reading to Low Performing First Graders in Rural Schools: A Comparison of Two Instructional Approaches Umbach, B.; Darch, C.; Halpin, G. 1989 Project Follow Through
258 Effectiveness of the DISTAR Reading I program in developing first graders’ language skills Sexton, C. W. 1989 Project Follow Through
259 A comparison of the effects of academic and cognitive curricula for young handicapped children one and two years post program Cole, K.; Mills, P.; Dale, P. 1989 Project Follow Through
260 The effects of direct instruction with rural remedial education students: A brief report Kaiser, S.; Palumbo, K.; Bialozor, R.; McLaughlin, T. 1989 Project Follow Through
261 Evaluating curriculum design in the context of active teaching Moore, L.; Carnine, D. 1989 Project Follow Through
262 A field trial of Mastering Fractions videodisc program Carter, S.; Rice, J.; Ragan, S. 1988 Project Follow Through
263 Direct Instruction in kindergarten part 2: Research findings Carnine, D.; Carnine, L.; Karp, J.; Weisberg, P. 1988 Project Follow Through
264 An evaluation of a level-one instructional videodisc program Hasselbring, T.; Sherwood, R.; Bransford, J.; Fleenor, K.; Griffith, D.; Goin, L. 1988 Project Follow Through
265 Teaching Problem Solving Through Computer Simulations Woodward, J.; Carnine, D.; Gersten, R. 1988 Project Follow Through
266 The Direct Instruction Follow Through model: Design and outcomes Engelmann, S.; Becker, W.; Carnine, D.; Gersten, R. 1988 Project Follow Through
267 Progress in a high school LD class Arthur, C. 1988 Project Follow Through
268 The Continued Impact of the Direct Instruction Model: Longitudinal Studies of Follow Through Students Gersten, R.; Keating, T.; Becker, W. 1988 Project Follow Through
269 Effectiveness of a Direct Instruction academic kindergarten for low-income students Gersten, R.; Darch, C.; Gleason, M. 1988 Project Follow Through
270 Comparison of Academic and Cognitive Programs for Young Handicapped Children Dale, P.; Cole, K. 1988 Project Follow Through
271 Direct Instruction for teaching “hard to teach” students Mathes, P.G.; Proctor, T.J. 1988 Project Follow Through
272 A meta-analysis of the effects of Direct Instruction in special education White, W. 1988 Project Follow Through
273 Direct Instruction in the preschool Weisberg, P. 1988 Project Follow Through
274 Direct or indirect instruction?: An evaluation of three types of intervention programme for assisting students with specific reading difficulties Somerville, D.; Leach, D. 1988 Project Follow Through
275 Long-Term Benefits from Direct Instruction Gersten, R.; Keating, T. 1987 Project Follow Through

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