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# Title Authors Year Research areas
Results 201 - 225 of 402
201 The effectiveness of in-class instructive feedback versus after-class instructive feedback for teachers learning Direct Instruction teaching behaviors Coulter, G.; Grossen, B. 1997 Project Follow Through
202 Reliability of observations done by cooperating teacher supervisors in a Direct Instruction practicum Marchand-Martella, N.; Lignugaris-Kraft, B 1997 Project Follow Through
203 Direct Instruction: An academic improvement study L., Thal 1996 Project Follow Through
204 Thirty years of NICHD research: What we now know about how children learn to read for the Future of Teaching and Learning, Center 1996 Project Follow Through
205 The effectiveness of Direct Instruction on the various reading achievement categories Wrobel, S. 1996 Project Follow Through
206 The effectiveness of Direct Instruction on the reading achievement of sixth graders Dowdell, T. 1996 Project Follow Through
207 Research on Direct Instruction: 25 Years Beyond DISTAR Adams, G. L.; Engelmann, S. 1996 Project Follow Through
208 Improving the generalization of sound/symbol knowledge: Teaching spelling to kindergarten children with disabilities O’Connor, R. E.; Jenkins, J. R. 1995 Project Follow Through
209 Phonemic awareness training: Application of principles of Direct Instruction Spector, J. E. 1995 Project Follow Through
210 Improving the generalization of sound/symbol knowledge: Teaching spelling to kindergarten children with disabilities O’Connor, R. E.; Jenkins, J. 1995 Project Follow Through
211 A comparison of the effects of Direct Instruction in reasoning with constructivism on deductive reasoning Grossen, B.; Lee, C.; Johnston, D. 1995 Project Follow Through
212 Follow-up of children from academic and cognitive preschool curricula at age 9 Mills, P.; Dale, P.; Cole, K.; Jenkins, J. 1995 Project Follow Through
213 Comparison of reading intervention approaches for students with mild disabilities Marston, D.; Deno, S.; Kim, D.; Diment, K.; Rogers, D. 1995 Project Follow Through
214 Effects of Interactive Story Reading on Concepts about Print and Journal Writing in First-Grade Children Brooks-Hodridge, D. 1995 Project Follow Through
215 The multiple effects of whole language, precision teaching and Direct Instruction on first-grade story-reading Neely, M. D. 1995 Project Follow Through
216 A comparison of the effectiveness of videodisc and traditional algebra instruction for college-age students with learning disabilities Kitz, W.; Thorpe, H. 1995 Project Follow Through
217 Research brief: A validation study of Connecting Math Concepts Brent, G.; DiObilda, N. 1994 Project Follow Through
218 An Exploratory Evaluation of Dynamic Assessment and the Role of Basals on Comprehension of Mathematical Operations Jitendra, A. K.; Kameenui, E.; Carnine, D. 1994 Project Follow Through
219 Evaluating a mathematics program for adoption: Connecting Math Concepts Wellington, J. 1994 Project Follow Through
220 Accelerating cognitive growth: The Edison School math project Vreeland, M.; Vail, J.; Bradley, L.; Cipriano, K.; Green, C.; Henshaw, P.; Hurth, E. 1994 Project Follow Through
221 Raising Mathematics Problem-Solving Performance: Do the NCTM Teaching Standards Help? (Final Report) Grossen, B.; Ewing, S. 1994 Project Follow Through
222 Developing and implementing a curriculum and instructional program to improve reading achievement of middle-grade students with learning disabilities in a rural school district Stephens, M. A. 1993 Project Follow Through
223 Teaching preschoolers to read: Don’t stop between the sounds when segmenting words Weisberg, P.; Savard, C. 1993 Project Follow Through
224 Interaction between early intervention curricula and student characteristics Cole, K.; Dale, P.; Mills, P.; Jenkins, J. 1993 Project Follow Through
225 Two Approaches to Reading Instruction with Children with Disabilities: Does Program Design Make a Difference? O'Connor, R. E.; Jenkins, J.; Cole, K.; Mills, P. 1993 Project Follow Through

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