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176 Effects of a short-term auxiliary reading program on the reading skills of incarcerated youth Malmgren, K.; Leone, P. 2000 Project Follow Through
177 Effects of a Peer-Delivered Corrective Reading Program Harris, R.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R. 2000 Project Follow Through
178 Conducting action research in a rural high school setting using peers as Corrective Reading Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R.; Orlob, M.; Ebey, T. 2000 Project Follow Through
179 The effects of a precision teaching/Direct Instruction reading program on the reading achievement of elementary school students Rothenbusch, T. 1999 Project Follow Through
180 The implementation of Direct Instruction: A model for school reform Bessellieu, F. B. 1999 Project Follow Through
181 The implementation of Direct Instruction: A model for school reform Bessellieu, F. B. 1999 Project Follow Through
182 The Benefits of Being High School Corrective Reading Peer Instructors Short, C.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R.; Ebey, T. 1999 Project Follow Through
183 Using paraprofessionals to deliver Direct Instruction reading programs Keel, M.; Fredrick, L.; Hughes, T. A.; Owens, S. 1999 Project Follow Through
184 A comparative analysis of the Reading Mastery and Silver Burdett reading programs for elementary students Herrington, M. S. 1999 Project Follow Through
185 Effects of Direct Instruction and basal reading instruction programs on the reading achievement of second graders Ashworth, D. R. 1999 Project Follow Through
186 The Benefits of Direct Instruction: Affirmative Action for At-Risk Students Engelmann, S. 1999 Project Follow Through
187 Language and literacy in a developmental perspective Dale, P.; Crain-Thoreson, C. 1999 Project Follow Through
188 At risk students (Lee County, Alabama) SRA/McGraw-Hill, 1998 Project Follow Through
189 Building on the best, learning from what works: Seven promising reading and language arts programs of Teachers, American Federation 1998 Project Follow Through
190 The effects of a first grade phonological awareness intervention in reducing special education referrals Brumbley, S. A. 1998 Project Follow Through
191 Corrective Feedback in Oral Reading Heubusch, J.; Lloyd, J. 1998 Project Follow Through
192 Direct Instruction: Integrating Curriculum Design and Effective Teaching Practice Stein, M.; Carnine, D.; Dixon, R. 1998 Project Follow Through
193 Impact of improving student academic achievement on teachers' instructional expectations and decision-making: Implications for the school reform process Kaniuka, T. S. 1997 Project Follow Through
194 Reading achievement comparison of special education students instructed through the SRA Corrective Reading program Novak, N. L. 1997 Project Follow Through
195 The effectiveness of the Reasoning and Writing program with participants with specific learning disabilities Roberts, C. 1997 Project Follow Through
196 Morningside Academy Johnson, K. 1997 Project Follow Through
197 The effectiveness of Direct Instruction on reading achievement Mosley, A. M. 1997 Project Follow Through
198 Comparisons of Beginning Literacy Programs: Alternate Paths to the Same Learning Outcome Traweek, D.; Berninger, V. 1997 Project Follow Through
199 The effects of Reading Mastery I and II on the reading achievement of first and second grade students identified as having low phonological awareness skills Ocokoljich, E.D. 1997 Project Follow Through
200 Phonological Awareness and Phonetic-Graphic Conversion: A Study of the Effects of Two Intervention Paradigms with Learning Disabled Children. Learning Disability or Learning Difference? Herrera, J.; Logan, C.; Cooker, P.; Morris, D.; Lyman, D. 1997 Project Follow Through

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