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1 Lessons from Project Follow Through (1967-1977) for the Northern Ireland Curriculum Kitchen, W. 2019 Project Follow Through
2 The Impact of Administrative Decisions on Implementation Fidelity of Direct Instruction and Student Achievement Stockard, J. 2019 Project Follow Through
3 The Effectiveness of Direct Instruction Curricula: A Meta-Analysis of a Half Century of Research Stockard, J.; Wood, T.; Coughlin, C.; Khoury, C. Rasplica 2018 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Secondary Reading, Secondary Math, Writing, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Secondary Multiple Subjects, Spelling, Affective Outcomes, Teacher/Parent Perceptions
4 Examining the What Works Clearinghouse and Its Reviews of Direct Instruction Programs Stockard, J. 2013 Project Follow Through
5 The WWC Review Process: An Analysis of Errors in Two Recent Reports Stockard, J.; Wood, T. W. 2013 Project Follow Through
6 Direct Instruction in the Guam Public Schools: An Analysis of Changes in Stanford Achievement Test Scores Stockard, J. 2013 Project Follow Through
7 Technical Support, Fidelity, and Retaining Direct Instruction in the Guam Public School System Stockard, J. 2013 Project Follow Through
8 Reading Mastery and Learning Disabled Students: A Comment on the What Works Clearinghouse Review Stockard, J.; Wood, T. W. 2012 Project Follow Through
9 A randomized control study of instructional approaches for struggling adult readers Greenberg, D.; Wise, J.; Morris, R.; Fredrick, L.; Nanda, A. O.; Pae, H. 2011 Project Follow Through
10 Increasing reading skills in rural districts: A case study of three schools Stockard, J. 2011 Project Follow Through
11 Changes in Reading Achievement at a Florida Elementary School: A Randomized Control Study of Reading Mastery Stockard, J. 2011 Project Follow Through
12 Effects of Direct Instruction on the Acquisition of Prepositions by Students with Intellectual Disabilities Hicks, S. 2011 Project Follow Through
13 Research on the Effectiveness of Direct Instruction Programs: An Updated Meta-Analysis Coughlin, C. 2011 Project Follow Through
14 Merging the accountability and scientific research requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act: Using Cohort Control groups Stockard, J. 2011 Project Follow Through
15 A Bibliography of the Direct Instruction Curriculum and Studies Examining its Efficacy for Direct Instruction, National Institute 2011 Project Follow Through
16 Classroom observations and effects of reading interventions for students at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders Wills, H.; Kamps, D.; Abbott, M.; Bannister, H.; Kaufman, J. 2010 Project Follow Through
17 The impact of Reading Mastery in kindergarten on reading achievement through the primary grades: A cohort control group design Stockard, J. 2010 Project Follow Through
18 The Development of Early Academic Success: The Impact of Direct Instruction’s Reading Mastery Stockard, J.; Engelmann, K. 2010 Project Follow Through
19 Promoting early literacy of preschool children: A study of the effectiveness of Funnix Beginning Reading Stockard, J. 2010 Project Follow Through
20 Fourth Graders’ Growth in Reading Comprehension and Fluency: A Pretest-Posttest Randomized Control Study Comparing Reading Mastery and Scott Foresman Basal Reading Program Stockard, J. 2010 Project Follow Through
21 Comparing the Efficacy of SRA Reading Mastery and Guided Reading on Reading Achievement in Struggling Readers Green, A. K. 2010 Project Follow Through
22 An evaluation of two methods for teaching United States history to students with learning disabilities Winchester, K.; Darch, C.; Eaves, R.; Shippen, M.; Ern, G.; Bell, B. 2009 Project Follow Through
23 Exploring barriers to the role of Corrective Reading in systematic school reform: Implications of a three-part investigation Vitale, M.; Kaniuka, T. S. 2009 Project Follow Through
24 The Effects of the Language Arts Strand of the Reading Mastery Signature Series on the Reading and Language Skills of English Language Learners Ralston, N.; Benner, G.; Nelson, J.; Caniglia, C. 2009 Project Follow Through
25 Evaluating the promise of computer-based reading interventions with students with reading difficulties Pindiprolu, S. S.; Forbush, D. 2009 Project Follow Through

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