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The DISTAR Reading program in junior opportunity classes: Phase IV - positive results after three full years of inclusion

Isaacs, L.; Stennett, R. G.
This four-year study examined the effect of the DISTAR Reading program on the reading achievement of 24 secondary students with learning disabilities. During the first year, the lowest performing students from five classes were selected to receive instruction with DISTAR Reading. The study authors selected 22 students from these same classes to serve as the control group. Students were matched according to sex, Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT) scores, and age and IQ when possible. The following year 26 students were selected to be instructed with DISTAR Reading and 26 students to serve as the control group. The GORT and the Woodcock Reading Mastery tests were administered for pre- and posttest measures. Post intervention testing was conducted for three years. Results indicate that students in both groups demonstrated improvement on all of the reading dimensions studied over the three years. Students demonstrated higher grade equivalent scores, lower percent errors, increased percent of comprehension questions correct, increased reading rate, and more paragraphs read on the GORT. DISTAR Reading students improved their reading skills at a faster rate with an improvement of mean grade equivalent of 2.3 over three years while students in the control group gained 1.95 over the same time. (Copyright © 2011, National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI). All rights reserved).
Research areas:
Main publication type:
Program Effectiveness
DISTAR Reading; Gray Oral Reading Test; Woodcock Reading Mastery test; grade equivalency; reading comprehension
Special Education in Canada
Design type:
Pretest posttest gain scores
Fidelity monitored:
Students included:
Secondary students, students with learning disabilities, low-performing students
Secondary school
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