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The Continued Impact of the Direct Instruction Model: Longitudinal Studies of Follow Through Students

Gersten, R.; Keating, T.; Becker, W.
This article discusses the results of two studies on the long-term effects of the Direct Instruction Follow Through Model. The first study examined the academic performance of fifth and sixth grade students who received Direct Instruction (DI) from grade one to three in comparison to a control group who received the district’s educational program. The second study compared the academic performance of Follow Through students in high school to students in a control group, analyzing differences in academic achievement, graduation rate, drop-out rate, and college acceptance. Results from the first study indicated that low income graduates of a three year Direct Instruction Follow Through program performed better than comparable students in their communities. The strongest effects were seen with results from the Wide Range Achievement Test for reading, math problem solving, and spelling. Results from the second study indicated that ninth grade students who previously received instruction with DI consistently outperformed comparable students, often at significant levels. The greatest differences were identified with reading achievement, but ninth grade math achievement consistently favored DI students, although not to the same magnitude. Overall, results indicated DI students demonstrated greater levels of achievement and more students were accepted to college. (Copyright © 2011, National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI). All rights reserved).
Research areas:
Main publication type:
Program Effectiveness
Project Follow Through
Education and Treatment of Children
Design type:
Pretest Posttest Control Group Design, Longitudinal study
Fidelity monitored:
Students included:
Elementary students, secondary students, high school students, African American students, Caucasian students, Hispanic students
Other tags:
Direct Instruction, Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT), Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT), graduation dropout rates, college applications, college acceptance, retention, California Achievement Test, Science Research Association (SRA) Achievement Test
Dayton, OH, East St. Louis, Tupelo, MS, Smithville, TN, Uvalde, TX, New York City, Flint, MI, East St. Louis, IL, Williamsburg County, SC, elementary school
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