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Effects of small-group reading instruction and curriculum differences for students most at risk in kindergarten: Two-year results for secondary- and tertiary-level interventions

Kamps, D.; Abbott, M.; Greenwood, C.; Wills, H.; Veerkamp, M.; Kaufman, J.
This study selected participants from a larger study that evaluated effects of a three-tier model for academics and behavior (Kamps & Greenwood, 2005). In the current study, reading achievement of students who were enrolled in schools that implemented the experimental model was assessed. Participants attended the experimental schools in kindergarten, first, and second grade, and received small-group reading intervention during first and second grades in either Reading Mastery, Early Interventions in Reading, Read Well, or Programmed Reading. Gains on Nonsense Word Fluency and Oral Reading Fluency measures were calculated and outcomes on Woodcock Reading Mastery subtests were measured. Results indicate that effect sizes were moderate to large for the group of students who received instruction with Reading Mastery, Early Interventions in Reading, or Read Well; additionally, findings support the use of a three-tiered model in managing interventions. (Copyright © 2011, National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI). All rights reserved).
Research areas:
Main publication type:
Program Effectiveness
Reading Mastery; Read Well; Open Court; Guided Reading; Early Intervention in Reading; Programmed Reading
Journal of Learning Disabilities
Design type:
Randomized Experiment
Fidelity monitored:
Students included:
Elementary Students, Kindergarten Students, First Grade Students, Second Grade Students, Hispanic Students, English Language Learners, Remedial Students, At-risk Students
Other tags:
Reading Mastery, Early Interventions in Reading, Read Well, Programmed Reading, Open Court, Guided Reading, reading, DIBELS, Woodcock Reading Mastery Test, three-tiered model
Elementary School
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