Tara Davis

Tara Davis

Project Director & Implementation Manager

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

- Peter Drucker

B.S. in Early Childhood Education, East Carolina University
Working on M.Ed. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Years of DI Experience:

After receiving her BS in Early Childhood Education at East Carolina University, Tara Davis began teaching DI in 1998.  Throughout the first few years of implementation, the school did not have an administrator and was operated by the teachers.  During her years teaching DI, she attended trainings hosted by McGraw-Hill and ADI.  After her fifth year of teaching, Ms. Davis was selected by Mr. Ed Schaefer to attend a DI training and train the trainer conference hosted by ADI in Orlando, Florida.

After serving as a peer coach for several years, Ms. Davis moved into administration where she oversaw and facilitated the school-wide DI implementation.  During her years in administration, she created an in-house coaching team, served as an instructional coach, implemented data meetings, and presented numerous trainings on DI, classroom management, and specific programs.  She continued to attend DI trainings and coaching clinics in Florida, Greensboro, NC, and Concord, NC.  In addition, she worked each year with Mr. Schaefer when he visited her school to do follow up visits once a year.

Ms. Davis is currently in graduate school getting her M.Ed. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.

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