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Registration Open for 5th Southwest DI Conference

NIFDI is pleased to invite you to register for the 5th Southwest DI Conference, to be held in San Antonio June 19-22. This year the keynote speaker is Laura Doherty, President of the Baltimore Curriculum Project. The sessions are focused on the Kindergarten through 3rd grade levels of Reading Mastery Signature Edition (reading and language strands), DISTAR and Connecting Math Concepts, as well as Corrective Reading Decoding.

To download a copy of the brochure, including complete registration information, or to register online, visit the Southwest Conference page here.

Nominate an Educator for the Excellence in Education Awards

An important feature of successful Direct Instruction implementations is to celebrate success--success of students, teachers and entire schools. For many years, there has been a tradition of recognizing excellence in education at the National DI Conference and this year is no exception. Individuals and schools that have made a significant difference in the educational performance of children will be recognized through the following awards:

  • Siegfried Engelmann Excellence in Education Award
  • Wes Becker Excellent School Award
  • The Wayne Carnine Student Improvement Award

Please take this opportunity to identify and nominate a colleague and/or school that has made a difference. Nomination applications are short (1-2 pages) and are available on our website. Nominations are due in our office by June 3rd, so pdf download the application packet today

"Fourth-Grade Slump" Examined

Over the past decade, many low-income schools throughout the country have seen an improvement in reading scores in first through third grades as schools increasingly used the research on beginning reading. However, researchers have noted a drop in reading test scores for low income students after finishing the third grade. This drop has been referred to as the "fourth grade slump."

The director of research for the National Institute of Direct Instruction, Dr. Jean Stockard, conducted a research study to see if using Direct Instruction continuously through fifth grade could overcome this phenomena. Dr. Stockard examined the results of a Direct Instruction implementation in a large low-income urban district. She focused on the performance of children who began Direct Instruction in kindergarten and first grade and continued in DI classrooms through fifth grade.

Dr. Stockard found that students in the DI programs out performed students in the District reading program and also performed above the national reading norms, thus countering the fourth-grade slump. The article was published in 2010 in the Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk. The complete article, Promoting Reading Achievement and Countering the "Fourth-Grade Slump": The Impact of Direct Instruction on Reading Achievement in Fifth Grade can be requested through You can view the abstract of the article in the NIFDI Research Database by clicking here

Cannon Beach (Oregon) Academy Seeking Director

The Cannon Beach Academy (CBA) is a nonprofit corporation that will open a K-2 charter school in the Fall of 2017. They will start as a K-2 and add one grade each year until they reach K-5. The school is a member of the Seaside School District (SSD), the authorizer of the charter school.

The instructional model is Direct Instruction for reading, language arts, and mathematics. And a comprehensive program combining the Core Knowledge Sequence for history, science and geography. They will also include Spanish language exposure for children each day.

Along with daily management of the school within the framework of the school's vision, mission statement, policies as well as state and federal law, the Director will serve as a half-time teacher during the first year.

Among the qualifications, the following are listed:

  • Masters degree in education related field. 
  • Experience with one or more of the following: Direct Instruction, Core Knowledge, Spanish language.

For a detailed program and job description call or send an email to:

Phil Simmons
Director, Start Up Operations
PO Box 1171
Cannon Beach, OR 97110
T 503.440.9878
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