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76 Brief report – Connecting Math Concepts in special education Helmke, L. 1992 Elementary Mathematics
77 Broadening the institutional value of Direct Instruction Implemented in a low-SES elementary school: Implications for scale-up and school reform Vitale, M.; Joseph, B. 2008 Elementary Reading, Kindergarten, Implementation
78 Building on the best, learning from what works: Seven promising reading and language arts programs of Teachers, American Federation 1998 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Spelling
79 Camden Direct Instruction Project 1984-1985 Brent, G.; DiObilda, N.; Gavin, F. 1986 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects
80 Camden, New Jersey Direct Instruction project Brent, G.; DiObilda, N. 1984 Elementary Reading, Language, Project Follow Through, Kindergarten
81 Changes in Reading Achievement at a Florida Elementary School: A Randomized Control Study of Reading Mastery Stockard, J. 2011 Elementary Reading
82 Changing Mathematics and Reading Achievement with Direct Instruction: Kment Elementary School in Roseville, Michigan Stockard, J. 2015 Uncategorized
83 Changing reading programs: North Thurston’s gradual move toward Reading Mastery Woodward, J. 1987 Elementary Reading
84 Cleveland school keeps Reading Mastery as curriculum core SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2006 Elementary Reading, Language, Kindergarten
85 Closing the achievement gap: The implementation of Direct Instruction in Whiteville City Schools Frink-Lawrence, V. 2003 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Kindergarten
86 Cognitive rehabilitation of brain-injured children: A Direct Instruction approach Eisele, J. B.; Tindell, M. 1992 Secondary Reading, Spelling
87 Cognitive structures related to the principle of conservation Engelmann, S. 1967 Elementary Multiple Subjects, Kindergarten
88 Comparative DISTAR results from five South Afrikaans school van Rensburg, C. 1982 Elementary Reading, Writing, Spelling
89 Comparative effectiveness of four methods of instruction on the achievement of children with specific learning disabilities Serwer, B. L.; Shapiro, B. J.; Shapiro, P. P. 1973 Elementary Reading, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects
90 Comparing the Efficacy of SRA Reading Mastery and Guided Reading on Reading Achievement in Struggling Readers Green, A. K. 2010 Elementary Reading
91 Comparison of Academic and Cognitive Programs for Young Handicapped Children Dale, P.; Cole, K. 1988 Elementary Reading, Language, Kindergarten, Preschool
92 Comparison of achievement for DISTAR and conventional instruction with primary pupils Kaufman, M. 1976 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects
93 Comparison of Direct Instruction and discrete trial teaching on the curriculum-based assessment of language performance of students with autism Flores, M.; Ganz, J. 2014 Language
94 Comparison of reading intervention approaches for students with mild disabilities Marston, D.; Deno, S.; Kim, D.; Diment, K.; Rogers, D. 1995 Elementary Reading
95 Comparison of reading programs for children with low levels of reading readiness Summerell, S.; Brannigan, G. 1977 Elementary Reading
96 Comparison of the effects of Direct Instruction and basal instruction on the reading achievement of first-grade students identified as students with reading difficulties Butler, M. T. 2001 Elementary Reading
97 Comparisons of Beginning Literacy Programs: Alternate Paths to the Same Learning Outcome Traweek, D.; Berninger, V. 1997 Elementary Reading, Elementary Multiple Subjects
98 Components of effective reading instruction for reading disabled students: An evaluation of a program combining code and strategy-instruction Clark, D. S. 2001 Elementary Reading
99 Comprehensive school reform and achievement: A meta-analysis Borman, G.; Hewes, G.; Overman, L.; Brown, S. 2003 Elementary Multiple Subjects, Secondary Multiple Subjects
100 Concept learning through direct verbal instruction in the moderately mentally retarded Maggs, A. 1974 Language

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