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451 Using Direct Instruction with brain injured students Glang, A.; Singer, G.; Cooley, E.; Tish, N. 1991 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects
452 Using DISTAR Language in a unit for children with language disorders Gregory, P.; Richards, C.; Hadley, M. 1982 Language
453 Using DISTAR Language in a unit for children with language disorders Gregory, P.; Richards, C.; Hadley, M. 1982 Language
454 Using paraprofessionals to deliver Direct Instruction reading programs Keel, M.; Fredrick, L.; Hughes, T. A.; Owens, S. 1999 Elementary Reading
455 Using Precision Teaching with Direct Instruction in a Summer School Program Kubina Jr., R. M.; Commons, M. L.; Heckard, B. 2009 Elementary Reading
456 Using Reasoning and Writing to teach writing skills to students with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders Anderson, D; Keel, M. 2002 Writing
457 Using Reasoning and Writing with gifted fifth grade students Ginn, P.; Keel, M.; Fredrick, L. 2002 Writing
458 Using school reform models to improve reading achievement: A longitudinal study of Direct Instruction and Success For All in an urban district Ross, S.; Nunnery, J.; Goldfeder, E.; McDonald, A.; Rachor, R.; Fleischman, S. 2004 Elementary Reading
459 Using systematic instruction to teach decoding skills to middle school students with moderate intellectual disabilities Bradford, S.; Alberto, P.; Houchins, D.; Shippen, M.; Flores, M. 2006 Elementary Reading
460 Using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons to teach letter sounds Drago, A.; McLaughlin, T. 1996 Preschool
461 Using the Expressive Writing program to improve the writing skills of high school students with learning disabilities Walker, B.; Shippen, M.; Alberto, P.; Houchins, D.; Cihak, D. 2006 Writing
462 Videodisc instruction: Teaching fractions to learning handicapped and remedial students Kelly, B.; Carnine, D.; Gersten, R.; Grossen, B. 1986 Secondary Math
463 Why I Sued California Engelmann, S. 1991 Elementary Reading, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Secondary Multiple Subjects

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