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26 A pilot study of the efficacy of two adult basic literacy programs for incarcerated males Shippen, M. 2008 Secondary Reading
27 A private DI pre-school reports findings Sandison, B.; Sandison, V. 1984 Language, Kindergarten, Preschool
28 A randomized control study of instructional approaches for struggling adult readers Greenberg, D.; Wise, J.; Morris, R.; Fredrick, L.; Nanda, A. O.; Pae, H. 2011 Secondary Reading
29 A research-based reading approach for severely emotionally disturbed children Funderburk, S. F. 2005 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading
30 A review of explicit and systematic scripted instructional programs for students with autism spectrum disorder Plavnick, J.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R.; Thompson, J.; Wood, A. L. 2014 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Secondary Reading, Secondary Math, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Secondary Multiple Subjects
31 A school district comparison of reading achievement based on three reading programs McCollum, S.; McNeese, M. N.; Styron, R.; Lee, D. E. 2007 Elementary Reading
32 A study of intensive, systematic Direct Instruction for an autistic child Rodman, M. L. 2007 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Writing, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Spelling
33 A study of teacher presentation variables: Pacing and praise Darch, C.; Gersten, R. 1983 Elementary Reading
34 A study of the effects of an oral language program with primary age and elementary age emotionally impaired school populations in the Detroit Public Schools Kimbrough, A. H. 1990 Language
35 A study of the effects of teacher attitude and curriculum structure on preschool disadvantaged children Erickson, E.; Bonnell, J.; Hofmann, L.; McMillan, J. 1968 Preschool
36 A study of the implementation of a Direct Instruction reading program and its effects on the reading achievement of low socioeconomic students in an urban public school Goldman, B. 2000 Elementary Reading
37 A study of the integration of children with intellectual handicaps into regular schools Hudson, A.; Clunies-Ross, G. 1984 Uncategorized
38 A survey of levels of supervisory support and maintenance of effects reported by educators involved in Direct Instruction implementations Blakely, M. 2001 Implementation, Teacher Training
39 A Token Reinforcement Program in a Public School: A Replication and Systematic Analysis O'Leary, K.; Becker, W.; Evans, M.; Saudargas, R. 1969 Behavior Management
40 Abraham Lincoln middle School: Gainesville, Florida SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2003 Secondary Reading, Writing, Secondary Multiple Subjects
41 Academic Kindergarten and Later Academic Success: The Impact of Direct Instruction Engelmann, K.; Stockard, J. 2008 Elementary Reading, Kindergarten
42 Accelerating cognitive growth: The Edison School math project Vreeland, M.; Vail, J.; Bradley, L.; Cipriano, K.; Green, C.; Henshaw, P.; Hurth, E. 1994 Elementary Mathematics
43 Accelerating Reading and Thinking Skills of Low-achieving Elementary Students: Implications for Curricular Change Vitale, M.; Medland, M.; Romance, N. 1993 Elementary Reading
44 Accelerating the development of down’s syndrome infants and young children Clunies-Ross, G. 1979 Preschool
45 Accountability for Reading and Readers: What the Numbers Don’t Tell Wilson, P.; Martens, P.; Arya, P. 2005 Elementary Reading
46 Achievement Outcomes in Baltimore City Schools Butler, P. A. 2003 Uncategorized
47 Action Research: Implementing Connecting Math Concepts Snider, V.; Crawford, D. 1996 Elementary Mathematics
48 Alliance of quality schools: 1998-99 evaluation report Ligas, M.; Vaughan, D. W. 1999 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Secondary Multiple Subjects
49 Amount of training in DI and outcomes with secondary handicapped students Edlund, C. V.; Ogle, R. R. 1988 Secondary Reading, Secondary Multiple Subjects, Spelling
50 An Analysis of Achievement Scores of Arthur Academy Schools, 2007 to 2013 Arthur, C.; Stockard, J. 2014 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Kindergarten

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