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176 Effects of a 15-week Language for Learning implementation with children in an integrated preschool Waldron-Soler, K.; Martella, R.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Tso, M.; Warner, D.; Miller, D. 2002 Language
177 Effects of a computer based beginning reading program on young children Watson, T.; Hempenstall, K. 2008 Elementary Reading, Kindergarten
178 Effects of a decoding program on a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder Infantino, J.; Hempenstall, K. 2006 Elementary Reading
179 Effects of a high school peer-delivered Corrective Mathematics program Parsons, J.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Waldron-Soler, K.; Martella, R. 2004 Secondary Math
180 Effects of a Peer-Delivered Corrective Reading Program Harris, R.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R. 2000 Secondary Reading
181 Effects of a short-term auxiliary reading program on the reading skills of incarcerated youth Malmgren, K.; Leone, P. 2000 Secondary Reading
182 Effects of a structured pedagogy on children’s language Schwartz, J.; Chapline, E. B.; Polk, V. E. 1974 Elementary Reading, Language
183 Effects of a three-tier strategic model of intensifying instruction using a research-based core reading program in grades K-3 Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R.; Kolts, R.; Mitchell, D.; Mitchell, C. 2006 Elementary Reading, Kindergarten
184 Effects of Corrective Reading in a residential treatment facility for adjudicated youth Scarlato, M.; Asahara, E. 2004 Secondary Reading
185 Effects of Corrective Reading on the reading abilities and classroom behaviors of middle school students with reading deficits and challenging behavior Lingo, A. S.; Slaton, D. B.; Jolivette, K. 2006 Secondary Reading
186 Effects of Corrective Reading on the reading abilities and classroom behaviors of middle school students with reading deficits and challenging behavior Lingo, A. S. 2003 Secondary Reading
187 Effects of curriculum alignment versus Direct Instruction of urban children Brent, G.; Diobilda, N. 1993 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Writing, Project Follow Through, Elementary Multiple Subjects
188 Effects of Direct Instruction and basal reading instruction programs on the reading achievement of second graders Ashworth, D. R. 1999 Elementary Reading
189 Effects of Direct Instruction intervention for fraction skills Perkins, V.; Cullinan, D. 1985 Elementary Mathematics
190 Effects of Direct Instruction on telling time by students with autism Thompson, J.; Wood, C. L.; Test, D. W.; Cease-Cook, J. 2012 Elementary Mathematics
191 Effects of Direct Instruction on the Acquisition of Prepositions by Students with Intellectual Disabilities Hicks, S. 2011 Language
192 Effects of Direct Instruction on the reading comprehension of students with autism and developmental disabilities Flores, M.; Ganz, J. 2009 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading
193 Effects of Direct Instruction versus Reading First on Reading Comprehension of Students in Southwest Arkansas Jenkins, J. A. 2013 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading
194 Effects of direct verbal instruction on intellectual development of institutionalized moderately retarded children: A 2-year study Maggs, A.; Morath, P. 1976 Language
195 Effects of instruction in the Corrective Reading and Voyager Reading programs on the reading skills of students enrolled in a university program Edmondson, C. A. 2004 Secondary Reading
196 Effects of Interactive Story Reading on Concepts about Print and Journal Writing in First-Grade Children Brooks-Hodridge, D. 1995 Elementary Reading, Writing, Language
197 Effects of matching instruction difficulty to reading level for students with escape-maintained problem behavior Sanford, A.; Horner, R. 2012 Elementary Reading
198 Effects of peer coaching on the acquisition of Direct Instruction skills by low-performing preservice teachers Morgan, R.; Menlove, R.; Salzberg, C.; Hudson, P. 1994 Teacher Training
199 Effects of Reading Mastery as a small group intervention for young children with ASD Kamps, D.; Heitzman-Powell, L.; Rosenberg, N.; Mason, R.; Schwartz, I.; Romine, R. S. 2016 Elementary Reading, Kindergarten
200 Effects of small-group reading instruction and curriculum differences for students most at risk in kindergarten: Two-year results for secondary- and tertiary-level interventions Kamps, D.; Abbott, M.; Greenwood, C.; Wills, H.; Veerkamp, M.; Kaufman, J. 2008 Elementary Reading, Kindergarten

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