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1 A Bibliography of the Direct Instruction Curriculum and Studies Examining its Efficacy for Direct Instruction, National Institute 2011 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Secondary Reading, Secondary Math, Writing, Language, Project Follow Through, Spelling, English as a Second Language
2 A comparative analysis of the Reading Mastery and Silver Burdett reading programs for elementary students Herrington, M. S. 1999 Elementary Reading
3 A comparative study of the effectiveness of DISTAR and eclectic reading methods for inner-city children Ogletree, E. J. 1976 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Language, Kindergarten
4 A Comparison of an Inquiry and a Direct Instruction Approach to Teaching Legal Concepts and Applications to Secondary School Students Fielding, G. D.; Kameenui, E.; Gersten, R. 1983 Secondary Multiple Subjects
5 A comparison of curriculum-specified reading checkout timings and daily 1-minute timing on student performance in Reading Mastery Frankhauser, M.; Tso, M.; Martella, R. 2001 Elementary Reading
6 A comparison of high- and low- frequency criteria on reading agility, retention, endurance and Direct Instruction Reading Mastery checkout performance of elementary students academically at risk Morgenstern, B. D. 2002 Elementary Reading
7 A comparison of reading achievement made by LD and low IQ students using a Direct Instruction reading program Sprinkman, A. 2001 Elementary Reading
8 A comparison of teacher attitudes and beliefs about issues in education across conventional and Direct Instruction schools Snider, V.; Schumitsch, R. 2006 Elementary Multiple Subjects, Secondary Multiple Subjects, Teacher Training
9 A comparison of the effectiveness of videodisc and traditional algebra instruction for college-age students with learning disabilities Kitz, W.; Thorpe, H. 1995 Secondary Math
10 A comparison of the effects of academic and cognitive curricula for young handicapped children one and two years post program Cole, K.; Mills, P.; Dale, P. 1989 Language, Preschool
11 A comparison of the effects of Direct Instruction in reasoning with constructivism on deductive reasoning Grossen, B.; Lee, C.; Johnston, D. 1995 Secondary Multiple Subjects
12 A comparison of three prereading approaches for kindergarten students Rawl, R. K.; S., O'Tuel F. 1982 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Elementary Multiple Subjects
13 A field trial of Mastering Fractions videodisc program Carter, S.; Rice, J.; Ragan, S. 1988 Elementary Mathematics
14 A follow-up of Follow Through: The later effects of the Direct Instruction model on children in fifth and sixth grades Becker, W.; Gersten, R. 1982 Project Follow Through
15 A meta-analysis of the effects of Direct Instruction in special education White, W. 1988 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Secondary Reading, Secondary Math, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Secondary Multiple Subjects
16 A multifaceted study of change in seven inner-city schools Gersten, R.; Carnine, D.; Zoref, L.; Cronin, D. 1986 Project Follow Through
17 A randomized control study of instructional approaches for struggling adult readers Greenberg, D.; Wise, J.; Morris, R.; Fredrick, L.; Nanda, A. O.; Pae, H. 2011 Secondary Reading
18 A research-based reading approach for severely emotionally disturbed children Funderburk, S. F. 2005 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading
19 A study of comparison of two reading programs (Ginn 360 and DISTAR) upon primary inner city students Grant, E. M. 1973 Elementary Reading
20 A study of teacher presentation variables: Pacing and praise Darch, C.; Gersten, R. 1983 Elementary Reading
21 A study of the effects of an oral language program with primary age and elementary age emotionally impaired school populations in the Detroit Public Schools Kimbrough, A. H. 1990 Language
22 A study of the effects of teacher attitude and curriculum structure on preschool disadvantaged children Erickson, E.; Bonnell, J.; Hofmann, L.; McMillan, J. 1968 Preschool
23 A study of the impact of Direct Instruction on Jefferson County Public Schools' Reading Curriculum Buschemeyer, S. R. Q. 2005 Elementary Reading
24 A study of the implementation of a Direct Instruction reading program and its effects on the reading achievement of low socioeconomic students in an urban public school Goldman, B. 2000 Elementary Reading
25 A survey of levels of supervisory support and maintenance of effects reported by educators involved in Direct Instruction implementations Blakely, M. 2001 Implementation, Teacher Training

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