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A comparison of two Direct Instruction reading programs for urban middle school students

Shippen, M.; Houchins, D.; Steventon, C.; Sartor, D.
This study compared the effects of two reading programs, REWARDS and Corrective Reading Decoding, on the reading achievement of struggling middle school students in an urban district. Reading rate, fluency, accuracy, and comprehension were measured. Results indicate that all students, regardless of which program they were assigned to, made significant gains in reading ability. (Copyright © 2011, National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI). All rights reserved).
Research areas:
Main publication type:
Program Effectiveness
Corrective Reading Decoding, REWARDS, reading, Crrctv Rdng Dcdng, RWRDS
Remedial and Special Education
Design type:
Randomized Experiment
Fidelity monitored:
Students included:
Seventh Grade Students, Middle School Students, African American Students, Remedial Students, At-risk Students
Other tags:
Corrective Reading Decoding, REWARDS, reading, Test of Word Reading Efficiency (TOWRE), Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT), Questionnaire
South, Middle School
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